About the Book

The Story

Piper Anderson is a lot of things-fat, queer, anxious, depressed-and the daughter of parents from two different planets. She’s a two-world child with a power called enarya, a soul magic that heals and protects. The only problem is that she never learned to use it, because her parents disappeared while on a mission to her mother’s home world when she was only twelve.

But then one day, just as she is beginning to fear she might never see them again, an ancient, shadow-wielding demon named Valos shows up at her high school and tempts her with the promise that he alone can help her find them. Piper then begins a wild journey through the stars, where she’s trained by her godmothers and her other-worldly uncle on how to use her gift to save the family she thought she’d lost.

She’ll have to traverse a bridge crossing the cosmos, phase into people’s minds, and navigate a labyrinth of her worst fears, all before Valos has a chance to destroy her family once and for all. In this first book of The Oreanam Trilogy, Piper’s adventures on Alteria have only just begun.

This is author and poet Elayna Mae Darcy’s debut YA novel. To learn more about their poetry collections, UNRAVELING LIGHT (2018) and DARKNESS UNDONE (2020), visit their website at elaynamusings.com.

For updates on the book, check out @AlteriaBooks on twitter, or the author’s social media, which is linked below.

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